Tanjore Workshop

Tanjore painting workshops are arranged for a group of approximately 10 students for 5 to 6 days. Each student is supplied with a kit containing all materials required for the workshop. Students thoroughly learn every procedure and make lovely paintings.

Sanskarbharti Rangoli Workshop

Sanskar Bharati Rangoli is a traditional form of rangoli which incorporates use of 8 to 10 basic signs or symbols. Each sign or symbol is a small type of rangoli and carries meaning. These types of rangolis are large and in circular form. Workshops are arranged for a group of 10 students approximately. Required material is supplied to each student and steps are systematically explained to achieve the end result.

Warli Workshop

Warli painting workshops are arranged for a group of minimum 10 students. Students from any age group can learn this art. Mostly one day workshops are arranged. This skill involves extensive use of lines and triangles. Students are trained to practice the basic symbols and then theme based paintings are created. Village scene, marriage scene, tarpadance, pooja scene are popular forms in Warli art. Paintings are created on paper, wood, pot and canvas boards.

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